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Welcome to my site! I am so glad you stopped by to look around. Photography is not only my career, but it is also my passion. I absolutely LOVE being able to tell my clients story through my art. Most days you will find me with my Fiance' Matt and our large crew of children. Being a good partner and a mom is another passion of mine in this life! I am also slightly obsessed with coffee and i survive on amazon prime. I'm the mom with the messy hair and the store bought school treats....but also a pinterest board of great ideas that will probably never happen. I LOVE to travel. I love Corgi's. And i'm pretty passionate about gardening...that is...until it comes time to weed. Thats pretty much where my garden tends to die. If you like terrible puns and people who laugh at their own jokes, then i am probably the one for you! 

hi, I'm Amanda